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We help agents to both find and identify specific properties which appeal to local investors, who are looking for different reasons than a typical home buyer. Ideally, the agent generates another commission when the investor eventually sells or leases.
We Help Bridge The Gap Between Agents and Investors
We help with techniques such as creating your own social media posts, such as community news and events, specific ways you helped buyers or sellers, and so on. We also help with methods to attract followers and to develop our own brand, even when part of a big firm.
We Help With Personal and Business Marketing and Branding
An investment group faced with a struggling hotel property came to us to explore changing to serving seniors. The Feasibility Study we created provided data on each of the existing long term care, short term care, memory care, and active living communities within a 25 mile radius. Data included potential for physical expansion, whether ownership was local or corporate, and proximity to medical care and related senior services. This information enabled the group to make the best possible decision for their multi-million dollar investment.
A residential agent in a cold weather climate (that had FIRST IN on retainer) had a new listing on a primary street. A few days later, a huge snow storm challenged the entire community. We asked her to pay and have her snow plow “guy” clear the driveway at that listing all the way out to the street as soon as possible. Her “job” was to drive there and take photos from across the street showing that the driveway and the primary street were “clear”.

Within hours, she posted the fresh photo on her social media, saying “The seller has been to Kroger and back today!” Her post did even more than make a new listing even more attractive on that specific day. It showed how hard she was working for her client!

She told us a couple of months (and about 50 degrees warmer) later that she got a listing because the eventual seller nearby liked that post.
A group which owned and operated two large apartment building was looking to expand their portfolio, but only if they could find a potential acquisition meeting specific criteria. The property needed to have a minimum number of units, be ripe for the type of rehab they could “more easily” complete, and be within a short distance of their current properties for their property manager.

However, the cost of acquisition and rehab was beyond the budget. We put together a marketing package focusing on attracting an investor partner. It showed the success stories in ‘turning around’ the currently owned and operated building, along with a five year plan for success with the potential new acquisition. The ability to feature both the people and the properties, along with gearing it toward specific local lenders, gave this presentation an edge.
For a group of investors in distressed single family properties, a direct mail campaign we created attracted more leads than anticipated. Their sales rep, at the time, did not properly follow up with all of them, which negated the success of the campaign. Our next step was to create a proprietary Sales/Operations Manual, used by everyone from the owner to the administrative assistant. The new “Sales Manager” began his role with this Manual, adding to the new efficiency of operation. Within one year, we provided content and strategies for their new and separate website, which was geared toward potential investors to help the group acquire more properties for resale.
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