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Time To Hire Us:
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A client of ours recently had a listing which became the lowest price home of its kind (beds, baths, etc.) within its zip code by $8,000. What made this significant is that we told her about it!

She admitted she was not aware of this. We told her this is exactly why she hired us to help with market research. Within hours, she published an email blast and had changed her online ad copy to reflect her great deal. Within the week, she had multiple offers.

This client had 12 years of real estate sales experience. Because she is so busy selling, she didn’t have time to perform the market research that brought her a practically instant sale.

Whether you are an experienced or newer agent, or stick to investing or wholesaling, First In Promotions has expert marketing services for you and your business.
Investors can have a great investment deal to offer, but not enough ways to attract the right buyer, partner, or contractors. Or, you might need help in finding the best deal for your criteria.

First In Promotions provides everything from Feasibility Studies for multi-million dollar developments to Business Plans for rehabbing a single family home, and all points in between.

If you are going to ask buyers and partners for thousands of dollars, your web site, social media, and overall branding should reflect prestige.

We can do a complete "renovation" on your entire marketing and business approach complete with all of the amenities your business needs!
Serving Real Estate Investors:
Our goal is to provide our agent/broker clients with a constant flow of unique social media, blog, and/or website content to distinguish them. Consumers don't like getting the same emails from several brokers because it makes them think they are just a number in the database.

We also clean up databases so you only send appropriate content to appropriate recipients.

One of our other specialties is researching property data and other agents in your farm area to arm you with as much helpful information as possible!
Serving Independent Agents:
Being with a prominent firm has its advantages. However, we are here to help to develop your personal brand and show case your capabilities. Making it appear that a large firm has you on THEIR staff because of what you do is what makes the difference. First In Promotions is here to help you to increase your personal database in even more ways.

Let the others sit around and think “There’s no inventory”. We can also help with working probates, pre-foreclosures, and investment properties. When you build great deals, the clients will come!
Serving Agents With Regional and National Realty Firms: