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Real Estate Business Development Specialist
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Dave has gained more than 5,000 real estate connections and followers on LinkedIn !
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Dave has been blogging about real estate since 2008 !
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Dave has been FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing for more than 30 years and continues his relentless effort to serve real estate investors, brokers, developers, and entities which serve the industry.

Kohl understands the important difference between "marketing" and "market research". His market research skills specific to real estate include "uncovering" property and marketing opportunities which other investors and brokers may not be aware of. He proves the saying that "timing is everything"!

Investors and investor groups call on Dave for Feasibility Studies, Case Studies, and partner and lender presentations of properties and developments. He also understands what it takes to drive business their way from creating campaigns and custom strategies geared toward distressed property owners and “unwanted” property owners.

Developers and builders call on Dave for marketing plans and strategies for residential and commercial new construction, renovation, and relocation properties anywhere in the world.

Real estate agents and brokers call on Dave for a variety of marketing services. These range from Media Training and Public Speaking Training to producing strategies for working with more investors, social media campaigns, increasing personal branding, and operations management.

Technical and software services geared toward real estate investors and professionals call on Dave for help with marketing and strategies. Perhaps the greatest example is his work in adapting Custom Interactive Virtual Staging and Virtual Reality Tours toward getting properties sold or leased weeks or months before the ready date.

Kohl was First In Real Estate Marketing in 1989 when he was involved in starting one of the very first real estate telephone “hotlines” while on assignment in Los Angeles. His behind the scenes efforts also helped him toward being selected in 1990 as “Business Person of the Year” by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. He went on to engineer the first ever “MLS Book” for commercial properties in conjunction with the Los Angeles CCIM Chapter.

After returning to Chicago in 1992 he founded FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing and expanded his line of services.

His “Dave Kohl Real Estate Marketing” Blog started in 2008. Features such as and serve sections of the real estate community. shows developers ways to save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on commercial and residential projects. The “Real Estate Marketing Masters Mix” Podcast continues with fresh and current content.

Personal branding has grown to more than 5,000 real estate connections and followers on LinkedIn and an updated news feed on Twitter. (His LinkedIn profile is verified by Inc. Magazine.) In addition, his published books include real estate and market research topics.

Dave continues to review new business proposals on Fridays.
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Dave was honored for his committee work and real estate marketing expertise!
Dave was honored for his innovation, including engineering the first ever multiple commercial listings "book" in the early 90's!
Dave published many of his previously "top secret" strategies for business managers as well as real estate professionals.

Much of the content came from his speaking and training sessions with industry professionals over the years.
Dave had so many unique strategies for getting a home sold that it took him 8 hours to read them all for this audio book......