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First In Promotions is the Chicago area's most prominent Real Estate Marketing & Advertising Agency. Serving since 1992!
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The SITE STREAMER is how you can have fresh content for your web site every five minutes without having to log in.

Your Site Streamer gives potential clients / customers reasons to keep coming back to YOUR web site(s).

No matter how much (or little) video content you have, video can be helping to grow your business 24/7.

Stop sending away potential business by sending them to YouTube or other video sites where they also see your direct and indirect competitors.

We make certain they ONLY see your message and your call to action every time!

For less than $10 per day!
Whether you are a rehabber, flipper, landlord, or wholesaler, you can find your next potential deal and compare it against others within a matter of minutes.

Whether you are brand new to real estate investing or a seasoned investor, you can begin or add to your portfolio with the Rehab Valuator.

You can find and publish your deals, making them available to a nationwide network of investors.

Meet Our Team
Real estate investors, whether new or seasoned, can secure one-time funding to cover purchasing properties, rehab, and construction costs, and all phases of your investment up to $250,000.

Once approved, you receive your funding within 7 days. No more missing out on a wholesale deal or a flip because some lender couldn't get it together for you. Find out if you qualify for 'advance' funding. Be in the position where "Cash Is King" works to your advantage.

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First In Promotions is dedicated to serving the entire real estate community with a variety of marketing, advertising, and market research services.

We enable builders, developers, and rehabbers to sell to approved buyers weeks before the properties are ready for move in.

Brokers can "show" specific relocation and international properties to potential buyers whether they are completed or not.

Real estate investors of all levels of experience can find, analyze, and fund deals, starting with free software to analyze potential purchases.

Agents, brokers, and investors can hire our experts perform their “behind the scenes” market research, update their databases, create timely social media and web site content, and expand their overall marketing reach.

Industry professionals can follow our social media feeds for updated information and analysis. They can also hire us to produce or expand workshops, seminars, webinars, and networking events.
The Real Estate Investors Channel
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Virtual Reality For Real Estate
Virtual Reality - same kitchen - different settings
First In Promotions shows potential buyers/tenants what it will look like with custom "Real Estate Renderings".

Below is a rendering for a downtown Chicago rooftop deck, created weeks before it opens! These can be shown to potential buyers/tenants online, posters, brochures, mailers, e-mail blasts, and at special events. CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO!
Let potential buyers/tenants put the headset on and "experience" your property whether it is completed or not - or if it is ready and hundreds of miles away!

We create properties to scale, using your blueprints, architectural drawings, square footage and related data, without us needing to be at the property for any reason.

No more waiting until your properties are completed or renovated or vacant before you can finally start showing them to potential buyers/tenants.

Our team of experts will support you every step of the way. Ask us how to get up to 100 additional potential buyer leads when you commission a Virtual Reality "environment" from us!

REQUEST YOUR FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE - Send us your Blueprint, Sketch, or 3 D Model of your next (or unsold) project, and we'll show you your savings!

If you have one room or area to feature, our "Real Estate Renderings" are a more economical but practical answer for your marketing needs.
Investment Deals - "Find Them & Fund Them"!
For Real Estate Investors: Find & Fund Deals
Hire or partner with our team of experts to increase your real estate business. Our workshops, seminars, and webinars are available to address real estate agents and brokers; real estate investors at all levels; builders, developers, and rehabbers; and affiliated services such as lenders and contractors!

Here are some of the live events we can perform for your office, company, or organization:




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Market Research and Branding
Market Research / Feasibility Studies

Research Your Competitors - Let Us Find Their Weakness

Credibility Packages

Social Media / Direct Mail
For Real Estate Investors we will:

Identify Opportunities: Research the market
Produce Feasibility Studies
Provide Credibility Packages
Create Effective Web Site Content + Social Media and Direct Mail Campaigns

For Real Estate Agents & Companies we will:

Produce Custom Lead Generation For You Only
Research Your Competitors To Find Their Weaknesses
Enhance Your Web Site(s) Content + Social Media
Enable You To Work More Closely With Investors
Chicago Area:

Contact Dave Kohl
Marketing Director

(847) 510-0613
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Virtual Reality & Renderings
Web Site Streaming 24/7
Free Software For Investors
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