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First In Promotions is the Chicago area's most prominent Real Estate Marketing & Advertising Agency.

Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with hundreds of agents, brokers, builders, developers, investors, lenders, and other affiliates toward marketing success!
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Let our "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" Experience sell your properties whether completed or not!

Save thousands of dollars in the process. Eliminate costly model home and sales offices. We'll bring APPROVED buyers, which saves time waiting on buyers to qualify.

Ideal for builders, developers, and luxury property brokers and leasing agents!

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"Virtual Reality
For Real Estate"
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"Virtual Reality For Real Estate"
If you are waiting until the final touch of paint is brushed and for the last appliance to be installed to be plugged in to start selling a property, the clock is already ticking against you.

You are then paying for property taxes, utilities, security, and possibly for a model home or sales office.

Our "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" system saves you crucial time!
We make it possible for you to sell your properties prior to completion! Because our custom "Virtual Reality For Real Estate" environment is created from blueprints, architectural drawings, and enhanced photos, we can show potential buyers a walking 360 experience weeks before their new home will be ready.

You can offer an incentive if they buy (or lease) ahead of time. Our lender partner can get them approved and ready, eliminating additional waiting time for you to get paid for each house or unit.

Buyers can make decisions, such as colors or styles, like the photos above, which are all of the same kitchen. When they experience our "Virtual Reality For Real Estate", they can literally do MORE with our system than if they were actually standing inside the property!

Now, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a model home or sales office, as well as hoping they will travel to your location, you can take your custom system to them! Potential buyers can virtually "walk around" in your property and gain the full 360 experience and make decision via a headset and controller from anywhere in the world.

In addition to selling your properties before they are complete, you can also generate buyers for relocation and international properties. You no longer have to fly them round trip or drive them around for hours and hours.

Marketing and display partnerships are available. Contact First In Promotions to schedule a free demonstration or to find our next demonstration event!
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Chicago Real Estate Workshop

Seminars / Workshops / Training

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Video For YOUR
Web Site(s)
This is how you can have fresh content for your web site every five minutes without having to log in.

Your Site Streamer gives potential clients / customers reasons to keep coming back to YOUR web site(s).

No matter how much (or little) video content you have, video can be helping to grow your business 24/7.

Stop sending away potential business by sending them to YouTube or other video sites where they also see your direct and indirect competitors.

We make certain they ONLY see your message and your call to action every time!

For less than $10 per day!
Find and Analyze Thousands of Off-Market + On-Market Chicago Area Investment Property Deals!

Multi-Family / Single Family

Foreclosures / Probates / Auction
Whether you are a rehabber, flipper, landlord, or wholesaler, you can find your next potential deal and compare it against others within a matter of minutes.

Whether you are brand new to real estate investing or a seasoned investor, you can begin or add to your portfolio with the Deal Vault.

You can make offers, send direct mail pieces, and create your own database of private money lenders, cash buyers, and upcoming auctions.

Training and ongoing support are included.

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Since 1992
Funding For Investors

Funding For Rehabbers

Funding For Down Payments

Funding For Business Expansion
Let your solid credit score (minimum 660) help you with your real estate investing or ownership, or to start or expand your business!

REAL ESTATE: Fewcle.com will show you how you can borrow up to $250,000 one time, and
continue to use the funds over and over to your advantage.

If you are looking for one or more properties to purchase, we fund within seven days of approval. You no longer have to lose out on a great property deal because you couldn't line up the funds in time. Cash is king, and you can have it in your favor!

With your Fewcle.com funding, you can use the funds for purchase, construction, rehab, owner financing, renovation, adding on, or any other way you see fit.

BUSINESS: Fewcle.com can provide the funding you need to start, expand, or grow your business, whether an idea on paper or an established company. No more submitting lengthy proposals to your local bank only to find out days or weeks later that they never read it and gave you an excuse.

First In Promotions is pleased to partner with Fewcle.com to make this funding opportunity available in the Chicago area. We are also seeking financial service and lender partners!
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